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Brand Reps

We're looking for new faces, necks and wrists to help promote our newest collection, by teaming up with new or up and coming bloggers, YouTubers, MUA's, or anyone with a passion for jewelry who wants the get themselves out there, gain some exposure or create some blog/media content.

💎Brand ambassadors will be offered 15% to 25% off all orders.

💎You will be required to take pictures of yourself in our jewelry and will give us permission to use those photos on our social media or website.

💎You'll be given a promo code to share with your followers 

💎Brand reps will also be eligible to receive free gifts and could be asked to help us unveil new products.


Are you a good fit? We want to hear from you! Email us at Service@citygirlluxe.com or check us out on Instagram @CityGirlLuxe for more details

💎💎Having a large amount of followers is NOT a requirement & the search is open worldwide, participants must be 18 or older. 

💎💎Photos DO NOT need to be professional but need to be clear and in good lighting. We reserve the right to decide the circumstances under which brand rep photos will be used.

Lots Of Love

City Girl Luxe